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This is a great video showing how much the professional tree workers enjoy their job!

At Collins Tree Service – we feel the same way – call us for your tree care needs today.

I remember recently, I was working with a buddy of mine.  I was having a blast. I was running the skidster, I was climbing huge trees, doing big removals.  At one point I looked at my ground guy, said to him, “Man! I don’t even feel like I’m working. This is just too much fun.”  I can’t believe sometimes I get paid to do this, it doesn’t feel like work most of the time.  Labor of Love

I have a very fulfilling job from clear cutting a forest to a super difficult removal of big dead trees growing over a house or through decks.  But even though it’s a small prune to a large prune of a tree to see the difference you made in that tree and the thing of art and beauty it is now.

My name is Ryan Torcicollo.  I’m 28 years old and I climb trees for a living.  Having a good crew is definitely a really important part of the job.  All my guys, I get a long with.
We all have fun at work.

I think that’s a big key in tree work.  You have those big, long crappy days
and if you are doing it with the guys you like and can make jokes, it’s not that bad.
I love the diversity in our job, every day is completely different.  I’m not always up in the tree with a 66 hanging off the saddle and the next day I’ve got a pair of little Felcos in my hands doing a fine prune up on a Japanese maple.  For the climbing standpoint, big, large sprawled out trees are the best and its super cool to be walking out on a 70-feet long limb that touches the ground and starts out at 40 feet.

It’s always a challenge trying to figure out, you know, you got that two-foot piece of dead that’s on the tip, way the hell out there, and you got to figure out how to get there.
You wouldn’t think of a removal being a work of art.  But they are all like a different puzzle you have to solve.  I mean, you always have to figure out how to rig it
this way to do this and it’s a work of art in my eyes……the removal.

In the process of it, I definitely like a good challenge.  I think that’s another reason why I love tree work.  Pull it up another foot.  Lower!  Slow.
It’s a very dangerous job.  I think the last two or three years has been the most dangerous job in North America.  The gear you have is the most important thing you have.
I mean, you only have it to do your job and make your life easier.  From your chainsaw being sharp you can make the proper cut.  All your climbing gear, I mean, that’s all life support.  It has to be life support and it has to be in good, proper working condition.

Because if it’s not, it’s your life.  Over the years, I’ve realized how important protective equipment is.  You know, your gear is your best friend and you got to watch out for it.
All my climbing ropes and saddles, every time I put them on, I check them.  You see your buckeling, you run through your ropes, and I try to make sure all my gear is up to date
and that nothing is going to fail on us and cause us harm.

Tree work in general, really carries over into my life.  Doing what’s right for the customer and making them happy and friendships and helping people out, even people you don’t know.  It makes you a better person.

Just another day at the office.

I love my job.